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XI Yu-Geng

Office Address: Room 2#423, School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering

Phone Number: 021-34205030  


Research Field

Predictive control theory and applications, Control and optimization of large scale systems


Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing) degree, received in April 1984
1979 – 1984 Institute of Control Technology, Technical University Munich, Germany
1978 – 1979 Dept. of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
1963 – 1968 Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Work experience
Since 1984 – Now Dept. of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ass.Prof. (1985), Prof. (1988), Doctor Supervisor (1990)
1970 – 1978 Shaoyang Electronic Equipment Factory, Hunan
Host of more than 20 research projects from the NSFC, High Tech Plan (863), Ministry of Education etc. Currently the host of the NSFC Key Project "Theory and efficient algorithms of model predictive control" (2010-2013),  the NSFC - NWO Joint Research Project "Multi-level predictive traffic control for large-scale urban networks" (2013-2016)
Awards and Honors
Received the Awards for the Achievements in Science and Technology by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Shanghai Government eight times, and won the honorary titles of National Distinguished Teacher; National Distinguished Scientific Researcher, etc


Two lectures for master and doctoral students: 1. Predictive Control; 2. Methods of Large Scale Dynamic Systems. Part of the lecture for undergraduate students: Principles of Automatic Control


Published more than 300 journal papers, mainly in the areas of model predictive control, large scale and complex systems and intelligent robotic systems. Author or co-author of three books, and editor or co-editor of three conference proceedings. 

Some recently published papers:

Dewei Li, Yugeng Xi, Furong Gao (2013), Synthesis of dynamic output feedback RMPC with saturated inputs. Automatica, 49(4):949-954

Xi Yu-Geng, Li De-Wei, Lin Shu (2013), Model predictive control - status and challenges. Acta Automatica Sinica, 39(3):222-236

Nan Yang, Dewei Li, Jun Zhang, Yugeng Xi (2012), Model predictive controller design and implementation on FPGA with application to motor servo system. Control Engineering Practice, 20(11):1229-1235

Shu Lin, Bart De Schutter, Yugeng Xi, Hans Hellendoorn (2012), Efficient network-wide model-based predictive control for large-scale urban traffic networks. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 24:122-140

He Huang, Dewei Li, Yugeng Xi (2012), Design and ISpS analysis of the mixed H2 /H∞ feedback robust model predictive control. IET Control Theory & Applications, 6(4):498-505

Dewei Li, Nan Yang, Ran Niu, Hai Qiu, Yugeng Xi (2012), FPGA based DMC control for reverse-osmosis water desalination system. Desalination, 285:83-90

Dewei Li, Yugeng Xi, Zongli Lin (2011), The Nth-step set invariance approach to the analysis and design of discrete-time linear systems subject to actuator saturation. System & Control Letters, 60(1):943-951

Shu Lin, Bart De Schutter, Yugeng Xi, Hans Hellendoorn (2011), Fast model predictive control for urban road networks via MILP. IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 12(3):846-856

He Huang, Dewei Li, Zongli Lin, Yugeng Xi (2011), An improved robust model predictive control design in the presence of actuator saturation. Automatica, 47(4):861-864

Dewei Li, Yugeng Xi (2011), Constrained feedback robust model predictive control for polytopic uncertain systems with time delays. Int.J.Systems Science, 42(10):1651-1660

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Dewei Li, Yugeng Xi (2010), The feedback robust model predictive control for LPV systems with parameter dependent description. IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 55(2):503-507
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