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Department of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) evolved from Marine Electrical Equipment profession. In 1956, Shanghai Shipbuilding College was established. And Marine Electrical Equipment profession was set up then in its Department of Marine Electrical Engineering. In 1957, Shanghai Shipbuilding College was incorporated into SJTU. And the Department of Marine Electrical Engineering of Shanghai shipbuilding College merged with the Department of Electricity of SJTU, forming a new branch—the Department of Electricity Engineering. And naturally, Marine Electrical Equipment profession became a discipline of this new department. In 1958, the Department of Wireless Electricity was established. Then Automation and Telemechanics came into being in order to provide advanced technology for the development of Shanghai and East China. In 1960, under the new leadership of the Science and Technology Commission of National Defense, Automation and Telemechanics were replaced by Missile Automatic Control which was changed to Missile Control and Stabilization System in 1963. In 1974, Marine Electrical Equipment profession, Marine Electrical Design and Manufacture got merged with a new name—Electrification and Automation of Marine and Shipbuilding. Meanwhile, Missile Control and Stabilization System was also renamed Automatic Control. In 1978, Automatic Control, Electrification and Automation of Marine and Shipbuilding and Ship Degaussing were combined together, called Automatic Control. In 1984, on the basis of Automatic Control, the Department of Automatic Control was established. In 1990, Automation Research Institute of SJTU was set, responsible for the discipline development, PhD cultivation and major scientific projects. The institute was composed of five research studios—Complex System Control, Intelligent Control, Process Control, Robust and Nonlinear Control, and CIMS Technology, and Office Automation System Development Studio. In 1994, the Department of Automatic Control was finally renamed the Department of Automation under the approval of SJTU. In 2002, the department was deemed as First-Class Discipline Unit. Moreover, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Institute was incorporated into this department too. Then, the current Department of Automation was established.

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