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        In recent years, great efforts have been made to improve working conditions, equipment, experiment platform and information platform at Department of Automation(DA).At present, the main office and laboratories of DA are located on the second floor of SEIEE Building 2 on Minhang campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University, covering an area of 3200 square meters. Rooms of laboratories are grouped in terms of their function and are equipped with sets of advanced instruments and equipment. In this way, the equipment platform, though initially established, has been playing an important role in postgraduate experiment teaching, postgraduate experiment demonstration, simulation and scientific research.
 1. Control experiment platform of network process
        Subjects, such as PT-09A process control subjects, TQ CE117 process control subjects, level control subjects, industrial control computer, network controllers, data acquisition cards, data input and output interface, Ethernet interface, system control software and system monitoring software are included. This platform is mainly for research and design of control system, and the development and validation of the control algorithm in the network environment.
 2. Simulation platform of flue gas denitrification system
        Subjects, such as fixed cutting 1000/600/300MW station tower /П cold model experimental devices, piping systems for wind of the laboratory, tracing gas injection system, Testo impeller anemometer, Testo infrared carbon dioxide sensor, Rosemount 1151DP intelligent pressure transmitter, dust experimental device, auxiliary measuring device and the data processing system are included. This platform is mainly for designing the flue gas denitrification equipment of coal-fired power plant.
3. Test platform of medical precision engineering and intelligence system   
        Subjects, such as Gold wire bonder, Gauss Meter, simulators, 3D precision platform, and digital oscilloscope, Bonner laser measuring instrument, electromagnetic flow meters, lathes and wire cutting equipment are included. This platform is mainly for the development and testing of the micro and small autonomous intelligence systems. 
4. Experiment platform of the robot service 
        Subjects, such as operating arm for care, Pioneer intelligent mobile robots, multi-robot collaborative systems, human-machine interface, local wireless Ethernet, DSP embedded motion controller, signal generator, as well as sensors for the vision, force, sonar and ranging radar are included. This platform is mainly for researching and designing perception service and control system of robot and for the experimental research and technology assessment of the robots, which helps the elder and the disabled.
 5. Development platform of the intelligent car system
        Subjects, such as electric cars, car models, high-precision RTK-GPS positioning system, laser radar sensors, ZigBee wireless communication module, 802.11a wireless communication module, super capacitors, Maxon servo motors, and industrial machines are included. This platform is mainly for design and development of environment perception systems, real-time control systems and vehicle networking systems of the intelligent car and the development and validation of the navigation control algorithms in urban environment.
6. Development platform of the wireless sensor network monitoring system
        Subjects, such as spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, FPGA development sub-platform, Crossbow Iris series of sensors, JN5148 versatile platform for the development of the child, the child OURS wireless network development platform, GPRS remote smart meter development kit, Nanotron precision positioning sub-platform industrial protocol conversion kits and solar panels are included. This platform is mainly for the development of environmental monitoring system and industrial control systems based on wireless sensor networks.
7. Processing platform of medical information 
       Subjects, such as high-performance computer group, 3D laser forming apparatus, 3D optical scanner, high-resolution medical imaging displays, medical robotic systems and IBM large-scale computing servers are included. This platform is mainly for auxiliary diagnosis and surgical navigation design based on medical images and other experimental studies.
8. Video image information processing platform    
        Subjects, such as infrared imager, high-performance computing servers, graphics workstations and 3D stereoscopic LCD televisions are included. This platform is mainly for target tracking, face and body gesture recognition, intelligent navigation, intelligent monitoring and other experimental research.
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